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Outlook has more meeting rooms available for booking

We have added more meeting rooms into Outlook this week. This enables easy room booking when sending a meeting request. There are also instructional videos available at https://it.aalto.fi/instructions/booking-meeting-rooms-aalto-outlook-and-webmail. As all rooms are available for booking, please ensure that you have access to the area where the room is, as well as you know where to room is located to avoid any misunderstandings.

The rooms in Outlook have been given a certain structure to help choosing the most suitable one. The name consists of the following parts: 1. street address of the building (Otakaari 1), 2. room identifier (U134a) which indicates the first floor and U-wing in this example + possible room nick name, and 3. maximum number of persons = Otakaari 1, U134a [18]. If the room “belongs” to a certain unit, this will be indicated at the end of the room name, ie. Otakaari 1, M220 (Krossi) SCI

It is recommended to use Outlook as the primary tool for meeting room booking.

Comments and questions can be sent by e-mail to booking@aalto.fi