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New Sophos Endpoint Security add-on Exploit Prevention improves security

Aalto ITS will soon start deploying a Sophos Endpoint Security update including an new add-on on all centrally managed Windows workstations.

To minimize distractions for our users, these updates start with a two week long period where they are installed while workstations are on Aalto network, but no users are logged on. After that, we will force the update with a dialog window also for logged on users where the update hasn't been able to get installed before. This update will require a workstation restart after the installation is completed, but there is a 90 minute window to do that before an automatic restart will commence.

This new add-on is an important part of our next generation endpoint protection plan. When installed it will enable Sophos Endpoint Security to detect new kinds of malware based on their behavior. With this add-on Sophos will block most zero day attacks and provide better protection against ransomware programs which try to encrypt your files and demand money to restore them.

This new setup has been tested in more than 300 computers in Aalto and in a test environment with real malware samples and test programs. It has very low impact on computer performance and an excellent detection rate.

Thank you!

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