Aalto IT Help


17.6.2019 - Instructions from Aalto IT Help -website are now transferred to aalto.fi

The instructions from Aalto IT Help (it.aalto.fi) are now transferred to the new website aalto.fi. You can find the instructions from “Services” and clicking “IT Instructions” from the left navigation bar. In the future, it.aalto.fi-domain will guide to a service page with the same contents as the front page of the previous Aalto IT Help front page. Later you can access the new site through aalto.fi/it. The most read instructions are redirected from the old pages to the new ones.

12.6.2019 - Otakaari 1 closed due to power cut 10 July 2019 at 4 -12 pm

Due to maintenance all electricity and systems at Otakaari 1 will be cut off on Wednesday, 10 July at 4 pm to midnight. The maintenance break will last approximately eight hours. The lightning and elevators are out of duty. It is NOT allowed to work or be in the building during the maintenance at time 16:00 – 24:00 Please turn off computers and other sensitive electrical equipment before the power cut. It is also advisable to disconnect cables from power sockets. I will be happy to answer any questions or pass them on.

31.1.2019 - Aalto password’s length and validity will change starting from 4 February 2019

Aalto University’s password policy will change. The University’s new password practices will match better modern recommendations. Password’s validity will lengthen to two years (730 days) and at the same time the minimum length will grow to 12 characters. The change will take effect when a user will change his/her password next time. The length, validity and other requirements of the Aalto password will be described accurately in the password guideline, which will be published later. Contacts servicedesk@aalto.fi

21.11.2018 - Chat channel on Aalto IT Help (it.aalto.fi)

The chat channel pilot on it.aalto.fi instruction site has ended and chat is now a permanent channel for Aalto IT Service Desk. Chat is available from Mondays to Fridays at 9.00 – 15.00.   For more information: servidedesk@aalto.fi

26.10.2018 - Update 7.1. - New HSL travel card doesn´t work yet in all Aalto student hubs - Keep your old card

The new HSL travel card works in Väre. Update 2.11. - New HSL travel card doesn´t work yet in Aalto student hubs - Keep your old card The new HSL travel card does not work yet to access the student hubs in Aalto University campuses.   It might take several weeks to ensure it is working properly. We will inform when this is done.   If you get the new card, do not register it on https://idcard.aalto.fi

16.8.2018 - Aalto University Office 365 services boosts individual and teams productivity in work and study

Aalto University’s Office 365 services (like OneDrive, Teams, Office programs Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) are available for all Aalto users. Office 365 is accessible any time, any device whether one is working from home or office. Familiar office tools combined with secure cloud service gives capabilities for individual or teamwork. Office 365 services can be accessed with an Aalto account.