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12.12.2018 - DNS management system maintenance break 18 Dec 2018 between 10-18

Aalto University DNS (Domain Name Service) management system will be updated on Tuesday, 18 December 2018 between 10-18. During that time it is not possible to make changes to DNS using nasu.aalto.fi. All the DHCP and DNS servers will be updated to a newer operating system also. More information servicedesk@aalto.fi

3.12.2018 - Welcome to “Aalto IT Thursdays News” 13 December at 10

Welcome to “Aalto IT Thursdays News” sessions Welcome to December’s Aalto IT Thursdays News, which will focus on the following topics: Booking systems (booking.aalto.fi, outlook, AaltoSpace) Campus infrastructure: what's new? what's coming? Corporate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system development Alumni Circle  NOTE: Next IT Thursdays News session will be held on February 7th, 2019. Happy winter holidays!

29.11.2018 - New User Interface for booking.aalto.fi launched

The new user interface for booking.aalto.fi has now been launched. As this does not contain all the functionality of the previous version, you can still access and use that at https://booking.aalto.fi/kalenterit2/. This version provides the basis for further development and functionality, which will be delivered in new versions during the winter and spring 2019. These versions also will take into consideration the feedback received from this first version.

26.11.2018 - Changes in Maarintalo top floor student spaces

Student working rooms and small computer rooms in Maarintalo top floor are partially or entirely out of use between 29.11.-14.12.2018 as ENG school staff relocates to a section of Maarintalo top floor. IT classroom Maari E is normally at use all the time. In the future student spaces on the top floor are above Terveystalo, not above the groud floor's IT classes. Best regards Aalto IT Services

21.11.2018 - Chat channel on Aalto IT Help (it.aalto.fi)

The chat channel pilot on it.aalto.fi instruction site has ended and chat is now a permanent channel for Aalto IT Service Desk. Chat is available from Mondays to Fridays at 9.00 – 15.00.   For more information: servidedesk@aalto.fi

1.10.2018 - VDI opened for public testing

Aalto IT has published virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Test it out.  Instructions https://it.aalto.fi/instructions/aalto-university-virtual-desktop-infrastructure-vdiaaltofi    Questions and feedback to servicedesk@aalto.fi

5.9.2018 - New Aalto theme on Aalto Wiki

Now you have the possibility to use a new theme on Aalto Wiki called “Aalto Academic Project and Event theme workspaces”. You can find the theme by logging in to wiki.aalto.fi -> Spaces -> Create space -> Aalto Generic Group Theme Workspace. More instructions are found on Aalto IT Help: https://it.aalto.fi/instructions/aaltowiki-new-theme-aalto-generic-group-theme-instructions

16.8.2018 - Aalto University Office 365 services boosts individual and teams productivity in work and study

Aalto University’s Office 365 services (like OneDrive, Teams, Office programs Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) are available for all Aalto users. Office 365 is accessible any time, any device whether one is working from home or office. Familiar office tools combined with secure cloud service gives capabilities for individual or teamwork. Office 365 services can be accessed with an Aalto account.