Aalto IT Help

Software installations for Aalto Linux

On public machines it classrooms etc request additional software by E-Mail, please: servicedesk@aalto.fi On a personal research workstation or laptop, if you are marked as primary user of the machine, you can install software from Aalto repository with your normal user rights. All Ubuntu repositories are mirrored there as well as many popular scientific applications.


Aalto workstation name A workstation installed into Aalto University’s network environment has a name code, with which the workstation is identified in the University’s network. You can check the name code with these instructions: https://it.aalto.fi/instructions/determining-name-and-ip-address-aalto-computer

Self-service portal for requesting Windows software installations

Self-service portal is a service where you can request software installations made available by IT to your centrally managed Windows workstation. Some requests need to be approved due to licensing or other restrictions. To use the portal your workstation needs to be attached to your user account and the workstation needs to be connected to Aalto network. After first use you can also use the portal to that workstation with Aalto VPN network connection. Self-service portal only works in staff workstations that are centrally managed on Aalto network.

Starting software updates on Windows

You can start targeted installation of applications and updates for them on centrally maintained Windows workstations whenever this is convenient for you. This can also be done with portable workstations outside of Aalto University’s network provided that the Aalto VPN connection is switched on. This way you can bring the applications up to date, if they have not been updated otherwise.

Disk encryption (Aalto-Linux)

 All Aalto Linux laptops are equipped with disk encryption that supports full-disk encryption. Deployment Deploying of disk encryption requires performing a complete re-install on the computer. If you make a re-install on a computer that is already in use, remember to transfer the files on the computer to a safe location because the entire disk will be erased during the installation.

Downloading the Google Drive application (Windows, Mac and Linux)

Aalto University’s students and staff members can download the Google Drive application to Aalto’s Windows and Mac workstations. You can also download the application to  the Linux operating system and to a personal computer by following the instructions below. Windows 1. Download the Google Drive application to a Windows workstation of Aalto University from Selfservice Portal. Select Google Drive File Stream Aalto.