Aalto IT Help

Recover Deleted Items

With the Recover deleted items function you can recover email items (messages, contacts, etc.) that you have permanently deleted from your mailbox. This is possible for 60 days after the deletion. When you delete a message either with the Delete key on the keyboard or the Delete button in Outlook, the message goes to the Deleted Items -folder in which the message will stay until you remove it permanently.

Showing full headers of an email

In case of a failure, IT Services may ask you to send the full headers of your email to speed up the troubleshooting process. You can show the full headers in different ways, depending on the program. Instructions for a few programs are listed below. Webmail Logging in to Webmail https://mail.aalto.fi 1. Select the message (you do not need to open it).

Adding a profile picture (Outlook, Skype for Business, and Office applications)

You can add your own photo as a profile picture if you wish. When you add a photo, it is visible in all Office software and for all Aalto users in email messages as well as in the search functions in Exchange email. Adding a profile picture can be done in Webmail for all operating systems. It may take a while for the picture to be updated to the systems. Please do not add any pictures that may be offensive to other people. Logging in to Webmail https://mail.aalto.fi

Sharing a calendar outside of Aalto

You can share the calendar in Aalto email so it can be viewed outside of Aalto also (Internet Calendar Publishing). A shared calendar shows when the user is free/busy (Availability only = free/busy). The headings and contents of calendar events are shown only to the user. However, you can adjust the settings to show an extended calendar view (Limited details / Full details). A calendar can be published at Aalto via Webmail (https://mail.aalto.fi).

Opening a resource mailbox in Webmail

A resource mailbox means an emailbox that is not a personal mailbox but an emailbox intended for shared use by a community or project. A resource mailbox is also referred to as an organisational mailbox. You can open a resource mailbox in Aalto University’s Webmail in two different ways. Also, you can add a resource mailbox alongside your own mailbox Logging in to Webmail https://mail.aalto.fi

Webmail at Aalto University

Webmail is Aalto University’s email system that works in the browser. You can use Aalto University’s email and calendar in a variety of ways through Webmail. You can log in to Webmail with your own Aalto username and password. Logging in to Webmail https://mail.aalto.fi Changing the Aalto password in Webmail You can change the password only once in 24 hours.

Exchange mailing lists - moderating messages

A mailing list is a special tool designed for the distribution of email messages, which makes it possible to send email messages, at one time, to the personal emailbox of every member on the list. On Exchange mailing lists, the recipients include only @aalto.fi addresses, and the address of these lists is always [list's name]@aalto.fi. Messages on Exchange mailing lists can be moderated, i.e., accepted or rejected, via Outlook or Webmail (https://mail.aalto.fi).