Aalto IT Help

Default applications on Windows workstations

The following applications are installed by default to all centrally managed Windows workstations. (Translations of the descriptions are still work-in-progress.)   Microsoft Office, Project and Visio Microsoft Office Professional Plus, Microsoft Project Pro ja Microsoft Visio. Versio 2016. Lisäksi asennetaan Microsoft Mathematics Add-In for Word ja kattava oikolukupaketti ja joitakin muita lisukkeita. Käyttäjille asennetaan myös Aalto-yliopiston Word-, Powerpoint- ja Visio-dokumenttipohjat.

How to get applications installed to workstations (Windows)

Installation request for a centrally managed Aalto workstation Check if the application is available in the self-service portal. If so, request targeting from there. If the application is not available in the self-service portal but needs to be available for several users, and the application is free or includes a license for several users, fill out the software packaging request form.

Software installations for Aalto Linux

On public machines it classrooms etc request additional software by E-Mail, please: servicedesk@aalto.fi On a personal research workstation or laptop, if you are marked as primary user of the machine, you can install software from Aalto repository with your normal user rights. All Ubuntu repositories are mirrored there as well as many popular scientific applications.

Installation media for self-managed workstations

For centrally managed workstations applications are mostly installed from automated software deployment using packages prepared by Aalto IT (see Windows, MacOS, Linux) However, there are some workstations that are not centrally managed for various reasons. Administrators for these workstations can get installation media with Aalto staff accounts from network share \\work\common\media

Software packaging

Software applications for centrally managed Windows, Linux and MacOS workstations are mostly installed from automated software deployment. Applications need to be prepared for this by Aalto IT in a process called software packaging. If you want a new or updated application to be available on our deployment system, and it has a license for multiple workstations or it is free:

Self-service portal for requesting Windows software installations

Self-service portal is a service where you can request software installations made available by IT to your centrally managed Windows workstation. Some requests need to be approved due to licensing or other restrictions. To use the portal your workstation needs to be attached to your user account and the workstation needs to be connected to Aalto network. After first use you can also use the portal to that workstation with Aalto VPN network connection. Self-service portal only works in staff workstations that are centrally managed on Aalto network.