Aalto IT Help

Software installations for Aalto Linux

On public machines it classrooms etc request additional software by E-Mail, please: servicedesk@aalto.fi On a personal research workstation or laptop, if you are marked as primary user of the machine, you can install software from Aalto repository with your normal user rights. All Ubuntu repositories are mirrored there as well as many popular scientific applications.

Software packaging

Software applications for centrally managed Windows, Linux and MacOS workstations are mostly installed from automated software deployment. Applications need to be prepared for this by Aalto IT in a process called software packaging. If you want a new or updated application to be available on our deployment system, and it has a license for multiple workstations or it is free:

OneDrive: Quick Guide

OneDrive allows you store your files in one place, share them with others, and get to them from any device connected to the Internet. Every user at Aalto University gets 5 TB of OneDrive storage for free. This guide helps you get started. Getting OneDrive Aalto Windows and Aalto Mac OneDrive is installed by default on Aalto Windows and Aalto Mac. Just search for OneDrive. Other Platforms You can download and install the OneDrive client from here:

Disk encryption (Aalto-Linux)

 All Aalto Linux laptops are equipped with disk encryption that supports full-disk encryption. Deployment Deploying of disk encryption requires performing a complete re-install on the computer. If you make a re-install on a computer that is already in use, remember to transfer the files on the computer to a safe location because the entire disk will be erased during the installation.

Linux shell servers at Aalto

Aalto IT Services has several Linux servers available from the Internet with SSH. You can log in with your normal Aalto password or use SSH private key authentication. General purpose servers These servers have mainly the same software configuration as classroom workstations. You can use them for example to browse the web or code programming exercises, or run terminal applications in a screen session.

Establishing a remote connection (VPN) to an Aalto network

A remote connection, or a VPN connection, enables users to use the services of Aalto University outside of the university's network. At Aalto University, the client available is automatically distributed to all Aalto installed laptops. The remote connection can also be installed on students’ and employees’ own devices, in which case using the VPN requires the installation of separate client software and the specification of the connection address from the device’s settings.