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Sharing a calendar outside of Aalto

You can share the calendar in Aalto email so it can be viewed outside of Aalto also (Internet Calendar Publishing). A shared calendar shows when the user is free/busy (Availability only = free/busy). The headings and contents of calendar events are shown only to the user. However, you can adjust the settings to show an extended calendar view (Limited details / Full details). A calendar can be published at Aalto via Webmail (https://mail.aalto.fi).

Aalto email and calendar: How to start

Aalto University’s email system for students and staff is linked directly to the Aalto user ID. You need a valid Aalto user ID to be able to use Aalto email. When you activate your Aalto user ID, an Aalto emailbox and calendar will be created for your automatically. This does not apply to students at Open University who must specifically request an emailbox and calendar.

Opening a shared calendar (Webmail)

When you have been provided with rights to another person’s Aalto calendar, you have three (3) options for opening the calendar in question via Webmail. Logging in to Webmail https://mail.aalto.fi Method 1 1. If you have received an email message about sharing a calendar (in the example: ‘Vuorinen Erja - ITS Arabia’), you can simply add the calendar to Webmail’s calendar view by clicking on the Accept button in the middle of the message window.

Sharing the calendar (Webmail)

You can share your own calendar with Outlook users of your choice. You can also specify a certain time period and decide how many of your calendar’s details the other users can see. You can share your calendar and stop sharing your calendar by following the instructions below. Logging in to Webmail https://mail.aalto.fi/