Aalto IT Help

WiFi Show: Quick guide

Kramer VIA offers wireless presentation and teamwork tools for teaching rooms, meeting rooms and group rooms. Kramer VIA enables participants to present wirelessly on any laptop or mobile device, share files, display full HD video, and documents on the main screen. The system supports up to four simultaneous shows. With VIA's whiteboard, participants can annotate and draw ideas on the presentation from their own device.

Lendable AV accessories

AV accessories you can lend from IT Service Desk: Catchbox Web camera Headset Conference speakerphone (Jabra) Video camera and tripod Video projector Presentation remote Contact: https://it.aalto.fi/contact If you need something else: https://takeout.aalto.fi/

Zoom: Video tutorials

Zoom offers communications software that combines video conferencing, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration. Zoom is available for staff members and students at Aalto University. Sign in with your Aalto email address and password. https://aalto.zoom.us/ How to join a meeting or schedule a Zoom Webinar, or do something else? See the videos:

Adobe Connect: How to start

Adobe Connect is a web conferencing system for workstations, tablets and smartphones. Adobe Connect is suitable for contacts between people and for transmitting lectures and information events (webcast), and it is available for staff members and students at Aalto University. You can also store sessions for viewing at a later date. Using Adobe Connect requires an Aalto user ID. Enter the service https://connect.funet.fi