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Webmail: adding an attachment (Windows 10 and Edge)

With the Windows 10 operating system upgrade, users have faced a situation where attachments cannot be added to a message when using Webmail, Aalto University’s browser email system (https://mail.aalto.fi). When a user clicks on the image of the paperclip to add an attachment, nothing happens. This problem applies to Edge, the default browser in Windows 10.

Below is a list of measures for working around the problem while we wait for Microsoft to publish a fix.

Logging in to Webmail  https://mail.aalto.fi

Option 1 - the latest version of the Mozilla Firefox browser

If you use a Windows computer, open Webmail with the latest version of Mozilla Firefox (version 40.0), and adding attachments is not a problem.

Option 2 - Outlook Web App Light

1. Log in to Webmail with the Edge browser and select item Use the light version of Outlook Web App.

2. Adding attachments to messages will work as usual.

Please note! The light version of Outlook Web App user interface is lighter than the full version, so some of the full version’s features and functions may work to a limited extent.



Option 3 - Open With Internet Explorer

The Edge browser in Windows 10 provides an opportunity to open Web pages by using the Internet Explorer browser.

1. Open the Edge browser.

2. Go to the front page of Aalto Webmail at https://mail.aalto.fi

3. After the page has opened up, click on the three dots ‘...’ shown in the top right corner of the Edge browser.

4. This will open a menu of additional functions, and from here you can choose to open the page by using Internet Explorer (Open With Internet Explorer).

5. Log in to Webmail with your Aalto user ID as usual. You can now add attachments without any problems.

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