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Webmail at Aalto University

Webmail is Aalto University’s email system that works in the browser. You can use Aalto University’s email and calendar in a variety of ways through Webmail. You can log in to Webmail with your own Aalto username and password.

Logging in to Webmail https://mail.aalto.fi

Changing the Aalto password in Webmail

You can change the password only once in 24 hours.

1. Log in to the service at https://mail.aalto.fi

2. In the top right corner of the page, under the wheel icon, select Options.

aalto-yliopisto webmail options

3. From the list in the left edge, select General and My account.

aalto-yliopisto webmail password

4. Click Change your password in the bottom right corner.

aalto-yliopisto webmail password change

5. First, type your old Aalto password in the field reserved for it, and then type the new password you have chosen.

6. Select Save.

7. Your password has now been changed. If the password you selected is too weak, the system will ask you to create a new password.

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