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Troubleshooting for the Matlab application

These instructions describe known problems and solutions for them in the Matlab application. The instructions apply to Windows workstations at least, but they may be of assistance on other platforms too.

If the application’s basic functions do not work properly and you receive strange error messages in the Command Window when you start using the application

The first thing you should do is try restoring the application’s default paths, as follows:

1. In the Command Window, type the command:


Matlab_set path.jpg

2. Select the Home tab, then from the  Environment section the Set Path.. function.

3. Click Default. Save your selection by pressing Save, and close the window by pressing Close.

Matlab_search path.jpg

4. Close Matlab and start it again. The application should work as usual.

If restoring the default paths as described above does not help, close Matlab and delete the following file from your user profile’s document directory if this file exists:



If the profile directory does not contain the pathdef.m file described above and you save the settings of the default paths, Matlab tries to create that file first in the application’s program directory where an ordinary user does not have author access rights. This results in an error message or ID enquiry; bypassing these brings you to the following window:

Matlab cannot save changes.jpg

In the image above, select Yes, and Matlab will suggest the user profile’s document directory as the storage location. When pathdef.m is contained in that directory, Matlab can retrieve it from there in the future and save any changes there too.

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