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Specifying default folders in Thunderbird

By default, Mozilla Thunderbird uses local folders when it saves, for example, sent messages (Sent), deleted messages (Trash) or spam (Junk). In Aalto's e-mail system, these default folders on the server have different names, so it is important that, when you implement Thunderbird, you specifically set Thunderbird to use these folders on the server.

Such specification is important, e.g., in a situation where users want to access, via the browser e-mail Webmail (https://mail.aalto.fi), a message they have sent by using Thunderbird.

Before you start to specify folders in Thunderbird, make sure that the following folders have been made visible (Tilattu/Subscribe) on the server’s side: Sent items, Deleted items, and Junk E-mail. If these folders are not displayed in your Thunderbird under the mailbox, see the above instructions Ordering folders in Thunderbird.

1. In Thunderbird, proceed to item Edit and then select Account settings.

2. The Server settings view opens. First, specify the recycle bin (Deleted items) at item When I delete a message and select Move it to this folder. From the pull-down menu, select folder Deleted items.

thunderbird_server settings_deleted items.jpg

3. On the bar in the left corner, click Copies & Folders. Make sure that under When sending messages, automatically: item Place a copy in: is selected. Then select Other and in the pull-down menu next to it, under the @aalto.fi mail account the folder Sent items (see image below).

Thunderbird_account settings_junk settings.jpg

4. Finally, specify the spam folder (Junk Mail). On the bar in the left corner, click Junk Settings. Make sure that item Move new junk messages to is selected. Then specify the folder to which spam is moved by first selecting item Other and after this from the pull-down menu next to it, under the @aalto.fi mail account the folder Junk E-mail.

Thunderbird_account settings_junk settings_junk email.jpg

5. Accept the changes by clicking OK. Restart Thunderbird.

6. Now Thunderbird has been specified to use the same key folders that are used, as a default, by Aalto’s mail system.

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