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Software packaging

Software applications for centrally managed Windows, Linux and MacOS workstations are mostly installed from automated software deployment. Applications need to be prepared for this by Aalto IT in a process called software packaging.

If you want a new or updated application to be available on our deployment system, and it has a license for multiple workstations or it is free:

  1. Check that the application is not yet available (Windows, MacOS, Linux)
  2. If the installation needs to be made with specific non-default options, take exact notes of these. Find out where the installation media and possible instructions can be downloaded from and what (if any) accounts need to be used for accessing them.
  3. If the installation requires media, setting or license files or longer installatation instructions that IT cannot download directly, copy these to the network share \\work.org.aalto.fi\common\software-upload\your_username\application_name. You can create those folders yourself.
  4. Fill out the software packaging request form using the information collected in steps 2 and 3. If you are doing this for the first time, read the tips [?] on different fields of the form. When you have filled out and sent the form, a new ticket will be created to our eSupport system, and you will get an automatic reply in your e-mail. Aalto IT will put the task in a job queue after checking out the filled information.

Make the request in good time in advance, preferably a month before date needed. Aalto IT cannot always prepare the package with only a couple of days notice. Packaging requires special skills and the amount of work varies greatly depending on the application. You must always make the request by filling out the form. This is because we are then more likely to get all the information needed to create the desired package, and also able to prioritize the job queue.


Contact information will be used only in case we need more information about feedback.
Please send only feedback about this instruction. If you have IT-related problems, please send a request to servicedesk@aalto.fi