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Skype for Business: How to start

Skype for Business is an application that is available to all Aalto employees and students.

Terms and conditions to use online products and services, which Aalto University has licensed for its employee, student, alumni and other individually defined persons: Information security at Aalto University


The Skype for Business client application is automatically distributed to Windows workstations managed by Aalto, because it is part of the Microsoft Office Professional 2016 Plus software package. It is not necessary to download the application separately.

Skype for Business for your own devices

If you wish, you can download the Skype for Business client to workstations that are not managed by Aalto.

Downloading the Skype for Business application to your own devices: in the downloading page.

  1. Download the application by going to the downloading page.
  2. Select Install. The file download will begin automatically.
  3. Restart your computer after the download, and select Skype for Business from the start menu.

If you cannot find the Skype for Business program on your workstation managed by Aalto IT

Automatic installation

  1. Make sure that your Aalto computer is connected to Aalto’s landline network.
  2. Start the computer again by selecting Restart. Wait for approximately 30 minutes before a new log-in.
  3. Log in to your computer after waiting for 30 minutes.
  4. The Skype for Business application should now be available in the start menu.

Manual installation

You can also perform a manual installation of the Skype for Business service on an Aalto computer. Please note that no applications can be running on the workstation during the operation.

Note that manual installation is only possible when the workstation is connected to an Aalto network (wired or wireless) or with the VPN network connection!

  1. First, close all applications that are running. This is important because otherwise errors may occur during the installation.
  2.  From the program menu in the bottom left corner, select Aalto IT and then Start Software Installation - Aalto IT.
    SfB- implementation1
  3.  The window below will appear on the display for a short time.
    SfB- implementation2
  4.  Soon the Software Center window will appear on the screen. Select the Installation Status tab, so you can see what is happening. The system begins to download (Downloading) installation media for applications that are not installed on the workstation but are allocated for it.
    SfB- implementation3
  5. Note that there may be more applications in the window that can be seen at one time, so check the situation by using the scroll bar in the right corner. It is not until all the media that are coming have been downloaded that installation (Installing) will begin, one at a time.
    SfB- implementation4
  6. After all the installations in the queue have been executed, the STATUS field of every application will display the text ‘Installed’ (see image below).
    SfB- implementation5
  7. You can close the Software Center window. Restart the computer after the installation of the application(s).

NOTE. Do not log out, shut down the workstation or start applications as long as media downloads or installation of applications are running in the Software Center. Also, do not close the Software Center while it is in operation, because it continues the downloads and installations you have started until the end even if the window is closed!

Some large applications can remain in the ‘Downloading 100%’ status for a long time, but you should have the patience to wait even them until the end of the installation phase. Furthermore, some application installations specifically ask you the question ‘Install: yes or no’, if an installation is started while you are logged in.

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