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Sharing the wireless network in your phone with a computer (Hotspot)

You can use the instructions below to share the wireless network in your phone (iPhone or Android) with your computer (hotspot).

The search for WLAN networks on your computer must be active, so you can start using the wireless network in your phone.


  1. Select item Settings on your phone.
  2. Select Personal Hotspot and switch it on.
  3. Switch on the wireless connection on your computer.
  4. A network with your phone’s name (such as iPhone) appears in the WLAN menu on your computer.
  5. Connect to the network from your computer by selecting it and clicking Connect.
  6. Your computer will ask for the password. You can find the password on your phone under the Personal Hotspot connection, at item Wi-Fi Password.
  7. Once you have entered the password on the computer, your computer will automatically connect to your phone’s wireless network.


  1. Select item Settings on your phone.
  2. Select Wi-Fi and then More Settings.
  3. After this, click Internet Connection Sharing.
  4. Switch on mobile Wi-Fi support and go to settings by clicking on the same text.
  5. You will see the name and password of the wireless network required when connecting to the wireless network.
  6. A network with the name indicated on your phone appears in the WLAN menu of your computer. You can find the username and password on your phone, in the same item indicating the name of the wireless network.
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