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Sharing the calendar (Webmail)

You can share your own calendar with Outlook users of your choice. You can also specify a certain time period and decide how many of your calendar’s details the other users can see. You can share your calendar and stop sharing your calendar by following the instructions below.

Logging in to Webmail https://mail.aalto.fi/

Share the calendar

1. Log in to Aalto University’s Webmail at https://mail.aalto.fi/ with your Aalto username and password.

2. Make sure that the item Use the light version of Outlook on the web is not selected in the log-in menu (see image below).

Webmail-sharing calendar1

3. Open your calendar from the Menu in the top left corner.

Webmail-sharing calendar2

4. Select Calendar. After that, click the right mouse button and select My calendars.

Webmail-sharing calendar3

5. Select Share calendar.

6. Type the email address of the person with whom you want to share your calendar. You can also choose how many details in your own calendar you wish to share with the person in question. You can also change the subject of the email message. Press Send.

Webmail-sharing calendar4

7. Your calendar has now been shared with another user.

Stop sharing the calendar

1. Click the right mouse button on top of the Calendar button.

2. Below the My calendars item, select item Permissions… 

3. Stop sharing the calendar by clicking on the box (the X highlighted with the red square in the figure), and press Save.

Webmail-sharing calendar5

4. You have now stopped sharing your calendar.

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