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Self-service portal for requesting Windows software installations

Self-service portal is a service where you can request software installations made available by IT to your centrally managed Windows workstation. Some requests need to be approved due to licensing or other restrictions.

To use the portal your workstation needs to be attached to your user account and the workstation needs to be connected to Aalto network. After first use you can also use the portal to that workstation with Aalto VPN network connection.

Self-service portal only works in staff workstations that are centrally managed on Aalto network.

You can also find the portal from this link.

Launching the self-service portal from your workstation  

1. From the the Windows Start menu on lower left coner of the desktop, go to All Programs.

2. Choose Aalto IT and Software SelfServicePortal - Aalto IT. The self-service portal should open as long as you are connected to the Aalto network.

3. Check that the correct workstation Computer Name is shown in the top right part. You can check your Computer Name by pressing Ctrl and F12 from the keyboard.

Picture of the self-service portal

4. Choose the application(s) from the list, then Add selected software to workstation. Software on the lower part of the portal requires approvement due to licensing or other restrictions, so the corresponding button here is Request targeting of the software selected below.

5. You can Exit the portal from the top right corner.

6. Software will be queued for installation on the workstation after about an hour after targeting from the self-service portal. If you requested software needing approval you need to wait for the approvement first.

If you have problems or need to remove some targeted application from your workstation, please contact servicedesk@aalto.fi including your workstation Computer Name which you can see by pressing Ctrl-F12.

Installing applications and their updates

You can initiate the installations at will, as long as you consider the point 6 above. In most cases IT will only deploy one version of any one application at a time. It will thus be updated to the same level for everybody. By initiating the installations you can make sure that you are getting the newest deployed updates.

With some larger installations and ones requiring workstation reboot you might see a separate dialog which you must fist approve. Such a dialog might also come up with some critical security updates even if you don't initiate the installations yourself.

Applications will also get installed and updated without user interaction, but the workstation must be on Aalto network at certain times so that you are not logged on to it. Most applications will get installed and updated if you power up the workstation to Aalto network but don't log on for about half an hour. Some applications will get installed like that, but only at nighttime.

Shortcuts for launching installed software are mostly only found in the Programs menu at the lower left corner of the desktop.

Contact information will be used only in case we need more information about feedback.
Please send only feedback about this instruction. If you have IT-related problems, please send a request to servicedesk@aalto.fi