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Resetting the password, and a forgotten password

Your password requires resetting if you have not changed your password by the deadline. The password is valid for 730 days, after which it must be changed or your user ID will be automatically locked.

You can reset your password or change a forgotten password either as self-service at: https://password.aalto.fi or by visiting the customer service desk of Aalto University’s IT Services in person.

Changing a password https://password.aalto.fi

You can change the password only once in 24 hours.


  1. Log in at: https://password.aalto.fi
  2. Select Login.
  3. Identify yourself for the service with a mobile certificate, a banking ID or an ID card equipped with a chip issued by the Finnish police or using your email address and personal mobile number recorded in the HR system or student information system.
  4. After identification, you will be transferred to the identity management portal
  5. Select Reset password.
  6. Choose your account and press Next.
  7. Write the new password in the New password field. Verify the password by writing it again in the Repeat the password field. Please note! You can check password requirements by clicking Password requirements.
  8. After that, click Next.
  9. Your password has been changed once the following text is shown Success The changes have been successfully saved.
  10. You can log out of the service by selecting Person icon and then Log Off from the top right corner.

NOTE! Aalto’s Mac workstations

If you change your password as self-service (https://password.aalto.fi), you have to specifically update it for an Aalto-Mac’s keychain. Instructions below.

  1. After you have changed your password as self-service, click the apple symbol in the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Select System Preferences, then Users & Groups, and after that Change Password.
  3. Enter the new password and save your selection.
  4. The new password is now also updated as the password for the Keychain.

If you use Aalto mail on your own device, e.g. mobile phone, remember to update your new password in the settings on the device.

Customer service

Aalto University’s campuses have an IT Service Desk, where you can also change a password you have forgotten. Your identity is verified with an ID card with a photograph.

Contact information will be used only in case we need more information about feedback.
Please send only feedback about this instruction. If you have IT-related problems, please send a request to servicedesk@aalto.fi