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Redirecting emails outside of Aalto University (students only)

If you are a student at Aalto University, you can, if you so wish, redirect your Aalto emails to an email address of your choice, outside of Aalto University. Emails are redirected via Aalto University’s Webmail system.

If you redirect your emails, make sure that there is no redirection from the target address back to your Aalto University email; this helps avoid the bouncing of messages from one address to the next (‘mail loop’).

Logging in to Webmail: https://mail.aalto.fi

Redirection of emails outside of Aalto University is permitted for students only. If the user is a staff member at Aalto University or has a twin role (staff member and student), redirection of emails outside of Aalto is prohibited in accordance with subsection 2.3 of the Aalto policy called Policy governing the use of emails (for Aalto University units and staff members). Further information is available here (please log in)

Follow the instructions below to transfer all the messages received in your Aalto emailbox to the external email address specified by you, so you can then delete them from your Aalto emailbox.


  1. Log in to the service at https://mail.aalto.fi. NOTE! Select the Outlook Light version if you use the Chrome browser.
  2. Select Options below the wheel icon in the top right corner of the page.
Webmail - options

3. Select Mail and Inbox and sweep rules from the list in the left corner.

Webmail - options

4. Click the plus button ‘+’.

Add inbox rules

5. Write a name for the new rule you have created in the Name field. We advise using the following text at the beginning of the name: ‘Apply to all messages’.

New inbox rules

6. From the first pull-down menu, select When the message arrives, and... And then select [Apply to all messages].

New inbox rules

7. From the second pull-down menu, select Do all the following, and then Forward, redirect or send and then Redirect the message to...

8. The address book opens. Type your own external address to the field Redirect the message to... in the top corner of the window.

Webmail - options

9. Accept the email address you have typed by selecting Use this address: ....  and Save.

Webmail - options


10. Then select Add action. A new pull-down menu opens.

11. From the new pull-down menu, select Move, copy, or delete and then Delete the message, which will delete the messages from your Aalto email. Since the rules proceed in order, from top to bottom, it is important that redirection is first and the deletion of the message comes immediately after that.

12. Make sure that Stop processing more rules has been selected. Click OK, and the rule will be saved. After this, email messages are redirected to your own email and deleted from your email at Aalto University.  

NOTE! If you have selected Delete the message, no copy of the message will be left in your Aalto emailbox.

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