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Printing with a SecurePrint queue from your own Linux computer

Some more recent Linux distributions have problems with saving user IDs, required by smb printers, in the user’s keychain, for example. In such a case, the user is requested a username and password during every print job.

One way to improve the user experience is to save the username and password in the ‘CUPSin printers.conf’ file.

Printing from your own Linux computer to Aalto University’s printing server can only be done from trusted networks (wired networks and Eduroam, for instance).

1. Obtain the printer’s descriptor file for your computer:

$ wget https://cups.hut.fi/ppd/secureprintps.ppd

2. Create a print queue for your computer:

$ lpadmin -p secureprintps -v smb://printvm01.org.aalto.fi/secureprintps -P secureprintps.ppd -E

3. If you are unable to add the printer, verify your rights and ensure that your computer’s ~/.cups/client.conf or /etc/cups/client.conf file does not contain a ServerName specification.

4. The SecurePrint queue is located on the Windows printing server, and you have to identify yourself with your Aalto ID for this. Enter the user ID in the format AALTO\ID. It is not possible to print for this queue via the old cups.hut.fiserver.

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