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Ordering a resource mailbox

A resource mailbox is an email box that is a mailbox intended for shared use by a unit, department, project or the equivalent. A resource mailbox is also referred to as an organisational mailbox.

  1. If you wish to order a resource mailbox, send a request via email to servicedesk@aalto.fi
  2. Your request must indicate the following items:
    1. user ID of the person responsible for the mailbox Every mailbox must have one person who is responsible for the use of the mailbox. This person has the right to request changes to access rights for the mailbox, and addition of individuals to the list of access rights for the mailbox. The person responsible also ensures that the mailbox has enough space and that the mailbox is used for the purpose for which it was created.
    2. desired name/address for a mailbox Addresses of resource mailboxes follow naming practices for web and email addresses specified by Aalto Communications, in which the format of an email address is xxx-yyy-zzz@aalto.fi or xxx-yyy@aalto.fi, where xxx = function, yyy = department/unit, and zzz = abbreviation of the school. An address could be, for instance, tilaukset-puu-chem@aalto.fi or tilaukset-puu@aalto.fi (these are not real addresses but only examples). If you wish to make an exception to the general naming practice for the address, you must obtain separate approval for it from Communications Services. Further information about naming practices and the approval of addresses is available on Inside page Applying for a domain.  
    3. a short description of the purpose of the mailbox
    4. a list of the usernames or Aalto email addresses of users who should have the right to use the mailbox By default, access rights at the same level are granted to all users requested for resource mailboxes (and the person responsible for the mailbox): full reading rights and “Send as” transmission rights. Only people with an Aalto user ID can be granted access rights to resource mailboxes
    5. size of the mailbox The default size of a resource mailbox is 5 GB. If you need a mailbox with more space, please state your reasons for this.

See also the instructions on how to start using the resource mailbox

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