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Ordering folders in Thunderbird

Once you have added your Aalto mail account to Mozilla Thunderbird, your folder view does not show, by default, any other folders on the server than Inbox. If you want to display other folders on the server, proceed according to the instructions below.

1. Click File and select Subscribe.


2. In the window that opens, you can see the folders located on the server. Select the desired folders from the box on the right-hand side. It is a good idea to select, for example, folders Deleted items, Sent items, Drafts and Spam. Finally, press OK and the folder will appear on the screen.

thunderbird_subscribe_sent items.jpg

You should make the folders mentioned above visible, because they are the default folders used in Aalto’s e-mail system for sent items, deleted items, and spam.

It is also advisable to set Thunderbird to use default folders in Aalto’s e-mail system instead of Thunderbird’s local folders. This way, for instance, a message sent from Thunderbird can be found in Aalto’s Webmail also, if necessary.

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