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Opening a resource mailbox in Windows Outlook

Once a resource mailbox has been created, you can open it in Outlook by following the instructions below. When you use the method described in these instructions and send mail in the name of the resource mailbox, the messages sent will be saved in the Sent Items folder of your own mailbox and of the resource mailbox.

If you use Outlook on a Windows computer in the Aalto domain, there is no need to specifically add a new resource mailbox; instead, the box will automatically appear in the bar on the left corner of Outlook, below your own mailbox.

1. Open Outlook.

2. In the top left corner, select first File and then Account Settings. After that, select Account Settings again from the submenu.

Account settings

3. Click the Change... button below the E-mail tab.

Account settings - change

4. In the bottom right corner, click the More Settings... button (see image below).

Account settings

5. Go to the Advanced tab. Untick the box at item Download shared folders (see image below). After that, click the Add... button in the top right corner.

Account settings

6. Type the name of the desired resource mailbox without the @aalto.fi extension. Press OK.

Adding resource mailbox

7. Accept the changes by pressing OK. After that, select first Next, then Finish, and finally Close.

Adding resource mailbox

8. The resource mailbox appears in Outlook’s folder hierarchy and will be available for use, with the rights specified for you concerning the mailbox in question.

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