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Management of RefWorks referencing sources in Word (Windows)

 RefWorks is a service developed for the management of referencing sources that you can use directly from Microsoft Word. The “ProQuest Write-n-Cite for Word” add-in needed for this is distributed to all centrally maintained Windows workstations at Aalto University. The functions are available in Word’s menu, on the RefWorks tab. The instructions below describe the Windows version of Word.

Using RefWorks requires a RefWorks ID (Sign Up for a New Account). You can create an ID by proceeding to the next website with a workstation connected to an Aalto network: http://refworks.com/refworks/ If you have created an ID earlier, the old one will still work.

In order to use the functions, you must connect Word to your RefWorks ID as follows.

1. Open Word. Select the Refworks tab and click Log In (see image below).


2. Log in with the RefWorks ID and password you have created.


3. Choose whether you wish to use RefWorks’ new or “classic version” (the old Write-n-Cite add-in used the Classic version).

choosing the version.jpg

Note that the first time you use RefWorks, creating a connection to it from Word may take a fairly long time because the application downloads the database from the server.

RefWorks: more instructions




What to do if RefWorks is not displayed in Word

In some error situations, Word may disable the Write-n-Cite add-in and thus also the RefWorks menu. You can bring it back as follows.

1. Open Word.

2. Select File and Options.

3. After that, select Add-ins and from the Manage pull-down menu at the bottom Disabled Items, and click Go...

4. Select Write-N-Cite and then Enable.

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