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Management of Mendeley referencing sources (Word)

Mendeley Desktop is a workstation application for the management of referencing sources in the Mendeley service, and it can be set to operate within the Microsoft Word application as follows.

1. Start Word. Select  File and Options.

2. Click Trust Center and Trust Center Settings.

3. First select Macro Settings and then Enable all macros. This allows the use of macros in documents. This is required by the use of the Mendeley functionality from Word.

4. Exit Word.

5. Start the separate Mendeley Desktop application from the menu in the bottom left corner of the desktop.

6. Select Tools and Uninstall MS Word Plugin, and immediately thereafter Tools and Install MS Word Plugin. Thus Word’s Mendeley add-in is definitely updated to the same level provided by Mendeley Desktop that is installed on the workstation.

medneley_uninstall ms word plugin

7. Start Word.

When the settings have been made correctly, the References tabs should now show Mendeley Cite-O-Matic, such that it displays all the functions, such as Insert Citation.

Medeley_insert citation.jpg

If macros are enabled in Word, which must be done in this case, the level of information security in the application is not exactly the same as if they are disabled. However, Aalto University’s workstations have anti-virus software and the systems are kept up-to-date, so this does not cause much of a risk.

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