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Locations of printing devices (PrintingPoint and MagnaCard colour printing)

Black and white prints can be printed with PrintingPoint devices, which are located in every Aalto University campus: in Töölö, Otaniemi and Mikkeli. Devices, which have MagnaCard reader, can be used for printing colour prints in Otaniemi and Töölö.

Locations of PrintingPoint devices


Main building

A wing, 0 floor, hallway

A wing, 5th floor, C250

C wing, 3rd floor hallway               


1st floor lobby    



1st floor

2nd floor                                

Konetekniikka (Otakaari 4)

In front of lecture hall 342

Päärakennus Otakaari 1

Classroom A046

Printing room U114b

3rd floor Y hallway, in the middle

3rd floor U353

Student hub Y176

Otakaari 7

Printing room 332a

Otaniementie 9

Library, Learning centre

1st floor 105b

2nd floor 212a

Rakentajanaukio 4

1st floor library

2nd floor, open space


1621 hallway

1192 hallway

Puu2 (Tekniikantie 3)

Classroom 122

Kemistintie 1D


T-Talo (Konemiehentie 2)

Student hub, library


0 floor, near Kipsari

1st floor In front of R106/R107 beside class R102

2nd floor in public place in front of Fazer cafeteria


Lönnrotinkatu 5

2nd floor Aquarium

3rd floor, hallway


Colour printing (MagnaCard)

Colour printouts are available, for a fee, from Unigrafia’s service desk or by printing to a device equipped with a MagnaCard reader. MagnaCards can be purchased from the library. In Töölö, a MagnaCard can be purchased from the Learning Hub in the Main building (5th floor).


Devices equipped with a MagnaCard reader are available at the following locations:


Library (Otaniementie 9, 105b)

Library (Otaniementie 9, 212a)


Main building (Runeberginkatu 14-16, A wing, 0 floor hallway)**

Main building (Runeberginkatu 14-16, A wing, 0 floor hallway)**

** scanning only, black-and-white/colour printing of a scan, or transmission to email

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