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Installation media for self-managed workstations

For centrally managed workstations applications are mostly installed from automated software deployment using packages prepared by Aalto IT (see Windows, MacOS, Linux)

However, there are some workstations that are not centrally managed for various reasons. Administrators for these workstations can get installation media with Aalto staff accounts from network share \\work\common\media

Access to some folders there (like Microsoft) is restricted due to licensing reasons only to administrators authorized by Aalto IT. Some applications have specific licensing restrictions which you should follow.

Software and licenses from this network share may only be installed to workstations owned by Aalto University. Software to personal home workstations can be found at http://download.aalto.fi

Getting media from a Windows workstation

  • You can directly access the media folder from a workstation connected to Aalto network domain. Write the path \\work.org.aalto.fi\common\media in Windows Explorer or at Start menu at lower left corner of the desktop.
  • In a workstation connected to Aalto network but not on domain, you need to input your Aalto user account as AALTO\username

Getting media from a MacOS workstation

  1. Open Finder
  2. In menu Go, choose Connect to server...
  3. In Server Address field, write cifs://work.org.aalto.fi/common/media
  4. Input your Aalto user account and password when asked
  5. The media folder should appear in Finder

Getting media from a Linux workstation or server

  • In a Linux environment connected to Aalto network domain, media folder can be found directly from here: /m/work/common/media
  • Otherwise, you can log on to server kosh.org.aalto.fi and copy the media from there (with scp or sftp for example).


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