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How to update your work contact details

You can update your work contact details at idm.aalto.fi.

Log in at: https://idm.aalto.fi

  1. Log in at: https://idm.aalto.fi
  2. Select Aalto account.
    Select Aalto account
  3. (If the window ’Information to be Provided to Service’ appears, click Accept)
    Information to be Provided to Service ..accept
  4. One Identity Manager opens.
  5. Click on the little person symbol at the top right hand corner to access your contact details. Selet My Profile.
    My Profile
  6. Select Contact data.
  7. Scroll down to see and edit address details.
  8. Update your information.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Logg of (under the person symbol).

Once you have updated your details as per instructions above, the ElisaHelpNet directory will be updated automatically.

Contact information will be used only in case we need more information about feedback.
Please send only feedback about this instruction. If you have IT-related problems, please send a request to servicedesk@aalto.fi