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Exchange mailing lists - moderating messages

A mailing list is a special tool designed for the distribution of email messages, which makes it possible to send email messages, at one time, to the personal emailbox of every member on the list.

On Exchange mailing lists, the recipients include only @aalto.fi addresses, and the address of these lists is always [list's name]@aalto.fi. Messages on Exchange mailing lists can be moderated, i.e., accepted or rejected, via Outlook or Webmail (https://mail.aalto.fi).

Logging in to Webmail: https://mail.aalto.fi 

Moderating messages: approval or rejection

To be able to moderate Exchange mailing lists, you must be the moderator of the mailing list and use either Outlook or Aalto’s Webmail (https://mail.aalto.fi).

1. When someone sends a message to a moderated list, you receive the email message as the moderator of the list (see the image below).

Moderating messages

2. The arriving email message includes, as an attachment, the message the sender tries to send to the list. When you double-click on the triangle next to the attachment (circled in red in the image above), you will see a selection list.

Moderating messages

3. You can display the message sent by selecting Open from the pull-down menu.

4. If you think the message is acceptable and you want to let it go through, click the green Approve button shown in the top corner of the message.

Moderating messages

5. If the message is not acceptable and you do not want to let it go through, click the red Reject button. You can now choose whether you want to edit the rejection message or cancel it.

Moderating messages

6. If the message is allowed to go through, the original sender will not receive any separate notification. If the message is not allowed to go through, the sender will receive a notification (see image below).

Moderating messages
Moderating messages

Adding and removing moderators

The manager of an Exchange mailing list can edit the mailing list’s moderation settings via Webmail. The moderator, on the other hand, is not able to edit the list’s moderation settings.


1. Go to Webmail with your browser (https://mail.aalto.fi) and log in with your Aalto ID.

2. After log-in, select Options below the wheel icon in the top right corner of the page.

Account settings

3.  In the view that opens, select first General and then Distribution groups from the list in the left corner of the view that opens.

Distribution groups I belong to


4. From the menu on the right-hand side, select from the menu Distribution groups I own the list you wish to edit. You can open the list by double-clicking on its name.

Distribution groups I belong to


5. Go to the message approval tab in the left-hand bar by clicking on it.

Moderating messages

6. Moderators can be added (+) and removed (-) in the Group moderators window.

7. In the bottom window, you can add or remove individuals whose message can go through without moderation.

8. Save the changes you have made by selecting Save.

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