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Deploying an Aalto e-mail directory in Thunderbird

Once you have set Mozilla Thunderbird to use Aalto’s e-mail system with IMAP, Aalto’s e-mail directory is not available to you by default, so you cannot retrieve e-mail address of people at Aalto University from an address book. Similarly, when you type an address, Thunderbird is not able to automatically complete Aalto’s e-mail addresses.

You can correct this by setting the Aalto mail account you added to Thunderbird to use the Aalto directory, by following the instructions below.

These instructions only work with computers that are connected to an Aalto network either directly or across VPN.

Adding an Aalto e-mail directory

1. In Thunderbird, select Tools and then Account settings.

thunderbird_tools_account settings.jpg

2. In the window that opens, proceed to the Composition & Addressing view on the bar in the left corner.

3. At item Addressing - When looking up my addresses, select Use a different LDAP server and click the Edit directories button.

thunderbird_composition and addressing_edit directories.jpg

4. In the window that opens, click Add.

thunderbird_ldap dorectory searches.jpg

5. Specify the settings as follows (see image below):

thunderbird_directory server properties_general.jpg

Name: give the directory the desired name Hostname: dc01.org.aalto.fi Base DN: ou=users,ou=root,dc=org,dc=aalto,dc=fi Port Number: 389 Bind DN: enter your aalto user ID in the format aalto\user ID

6. Proceed to the Advanced tab.

thunderbird_directory server properties_advanced.jpg

7. Copy/type the code below to the Search Filter field:


8. Save the settings by clicking OK, and return to Thunderbird’s settings from the following view. In the Composition & Addressing view, click OK again.

9. Before you exit the settings, choose from the pull-down menu at item Addressing (on the left-hand side of the Edit directories button) that you will use in the mail account the Aalto directory you just created (see image below).

thunderbird_composition and addressing_aalto osoitteisto.jpg

10. Accept the settings made by clicking OK.


Testing the Aalto e-mail directory

Once you have specified the Aalto directory, you can test its functionality by following the instructions below.

1. In Thunderbird, select Tools and  Address Book.

2. In the window that opens, select on the bar in the left corner the directory you just created (in the example: “Aalto directory”). Then type the name you want to find in the search field on the top right corner of the window, and press Enter.

3. The system will ask you for the password in your Aalto user ID. Write your password in the field reserved for it, and click OK.

thunderbird_address book_ldap server password required.jpg

4. After a successful search, you will see the e-mail address of the person you searched for (see image below).

thunderbird_address book_aalto osoitteisto.jpg

5. You also test the functionality of the directory specification by starting to write a new message (Write). In the window for a new message, start writing the name of the Aalto recipient in the To: field, and a moment later the system will suggest addresses from the Aalto directory to you (see image below).


6. If the searches succeed, the specification of the Aalto directory has been successful. If the search is not successful, verify the settings carefully from the instructions above, and make sure you have entered the correct password.

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