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Changing the sender’s address (Webmail)

If you have been granted access rights to a resource mailbox or the sending rights to another user’s mailbox, you can send messages in the name of these addresses.

You can change the sender’s address in Webmail as described below.

Please note! If you want the message sent to be stored in messages sent by the resource mailbox or another user’s mailbox, log in to the mailbox in question instead of your own one, and send the message from there. (see Opening a resource mailbox in Webmail).

Logging in to Webmail https://mail.aalto.fi

1. Log in to Webmail at https://mail.aalto.fi

2. Select a new message  (+New)

3. Click on item ...

lähettäjän osoitteen vaihtaminen webmail

4. From the menu that opens, select Show From whereby the From: field will be displayed in the message window.

5. With the right mouse button, click your own address in the From: field, and select Remove.

6. Here, type the address in whose name you want to send the message (in the example the address is leipomo@aalto.fi), and send the finished message as usual.

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