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Changing the sender’s address (Outlook)

It is possible to change the sender’s address in Windows Outlook. To be able to send a message from another address, you must have the right to use the mailbox in question.

  1. Open a new message by clicking New Email.
  2. Go to the Options tab and, in the Show Fields field, click From (see image below).

3. Then, in the send field, click Other E-mail Address…

4. In the search field, type the address (in this example: resourcemailbox@aalto.fi) from which you wish to send an email.

5. Click OK.

send from other email address.png
send from.png

6. The address will remain in the memory of your Outlook and is now ready for use.

Please note! You cannot send email from another address if you do not have the right to use the address of your choice.

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