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booking.aalto.fi: Quick guide

The user interface for booking.aalto.fi provides a fresh and updated experience for searching available spaces on Aalto campus.

In the below screenshot, you can see the landing page in Finnish, which provides the starting point for all space bookings.


You have three simple ways of making bookings:

  • Searching for a free space based on defined parameters.
    • Date, Time, Number of persons
    • Room type, Building
  • Looking up a wanted space from the left-hand side structure of spaces.
    • opening the space-related calendar
    • reserving a space
  • Search field in the top right-hand corner of the site. Use the known space number (e.g. U501), or, enter the building name to get a listing of all spaces in the building.

These three ways are explained briefly in the next section.

Searching for free spaces based on defined parameters

  1. Enter the required date, time and the number of persons from the calendar and the drop-down list.
  2. Select the Room type and wanted Building from the drop-down lists.
  1. Once you have selected all the required criteria, click Search.

The system will then return all available spaces based on the selected criteria in a grid format (see below). The default order is based on the number of persons (best match for the search criteria), smallest first.



  1. Next, you can select one of the three options provided on the space card:

     4.1. Browse the space cards to find the best suited one and look into the space details by selecting the info button on the space card (below is a screenshot of the space info card).


     4.2. Open the space calendar by selecting the calendar button.


The following view will be opened:


The time you have selected in the search will now show in the calendar. You can either:

  • Continue to do the booking for the original from the search criteria by clicking the pre-selected time in the calendar, OR
  • You can select another available time from the calendar by ‘painting’ the wanted time with the mouse (holding down the left mouse button). This will open the booking confirmation screen (see below for screenshot). OR
  • You can go back to the search results by clicking the blue Back button.

     4.3. Continue to book the space by selecting the green Book>> button (opens the booking confirmation screen).  Enter the details for the booking and click Save.


The booking is now saved and can be seen on the space calendar with the booking details.


Searching for available time from space calendars

You can also look for available spaces by navigating via the structure on the left side of the screen.

You can select, for example, Rooms/Otaniemi –> wanted room type –> building. This will list all the rooms in that type and building. Alternatively, you can select All room types and then browse them in the results grid. You can then continue to browse the space calendars and choose the wanted available time for booking.


Search by using the search field with known room/building


You can enter the room code (e.g. U501, M240), or a room/building name (e.g. Dipoli, Väre, Aalto). The search function does not require pressing ‘Enter’ but works dynamically as you type information into the field.  Once the required space appears in the list under the search field, you can select it and the respective space calendar will open.

Modifying existing bookings

You can modify your bookings from My bookings tab. This view lists all of your bookings and you can both see and modify/cancel your bookings by selecting the red wrench button.

Make the required changes and Save the booking.

Adding Favourites from UI

This feature allows you to save your favourite spaces on the left-hand side space structure for quick bookings. In order to save a space/room as a favourite, click the star symbol in the path (see below). You can see this star available when you have the space calendar for a room open.


After the selection, you can find the room/rooms that you selected in the favourites on the left-hand side space structure for easy access.

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