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Adobe Connect: How to start

Adobe Connect is a web conferencing system for workstations, tablets and smartphones. Adobe Connect is suitable for contacts between people and for transmitting lectures and information events (webcast), and it is available for staff members and students at Aalto University. You can also store sessions for viewing at a later date.

Using Adobe Connect requires an Aalto user ID.

Enter the service https://connect.funet.fi

How to use

You can use Adobe Connect with the browser in your workstation, where it requires the Adobe Flash Player to be operational. If your computer needs Adobe Flash Player or a more recent version, the program will automatically give you a message and provide an update link. Tablets and smartphones need a separate Adobe Connect application that can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store.

  1. You can log in to Adobe Connect at https://connect.funet.fi. (Alternatively, you can click on a link in a meeting invitation or an email message you have received, whereby you will be automatically moved to the meeting room after creating a pseudonym.
  2. In the pulldown menu, select Aalto University. You can log in to the service via the HAKA log-in, so using the service requires an Aalto user ID.
  3. You have now logged in to Adobe Connect, and the application is ready for use.

To be able to use Adobe Connect, you also need a speaker microphone and a web camera. If there are several participants to a Connect meeting around the same table, it is advisable to use a specific negotiation microphone (such as Jabra or Clearone).

During the conference, you can also share file material (such as PowerPoint, PDF), draw with a drawing tool, share the screen of the computer, or have a text-based chat discussion.


Rights to Adobe Connect roles

  • Host: the right to create a new conference room and to supervise the discussion. The host controls the other user roles of Presenter and Participant.
  • Presenter: the right to use the microphone, camera, and other sharing tools.
  • Participant: only the right to follow the discussion.

Instructions for creating your own room

Comprehensive instructions for using Adobe Connect 9 (Funet team)

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