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Adding a profile picture (Outlook, Skype for Business, and Office applications)

You can add your own photo as a profile picture if you wish. When you add a photo, it is visible in all Office software and for all Aalto users in email messages as well as in the search functions in Exchange email. Adding a profile picture can be done in Webmail for all operating systems.

It may take a while for the picture to be updated to the systems. Please do not add any pictures that may be offensive to other people.

Logging in to Webmail https://mail.aalto.fi

1. Use your Aalto user ID to log in to Webmail https://mail.aalto.fi

2. Click on the profile icon in the top right corner (see image below).


3. Then click Change.

4. Select Upload photo, and you can choose the photo of your choice from your file.

upload photo.jpg

5. Once you have uploaded your photo, remember to save your selection by pressing Save. Your profile picture has now been set.

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