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Adding a printer (Windows)

Classroom computers maintained by Aalto IT have a printer pre-installed, but at the various departments users must install a printer on a workstation.

Follow the instructions below to add a printer to a Windows 10 or 7 workstation.

Windows 10

1. Open the Start menu and find Printers & scanners (see image below).


2. Select Add a printer or scanner.


3.  Then click The printer that I want isn´t listed (see image below).


4. The printer has now been added to the Windows 10 workstation.

5. Aalto’s Windows 10 workstations have a Secureprint print queue pre-installed. If it is missing from the workstation for some reason, the queue can be found in the path \\printvm01\secureprint (see image below).


If you are using a printer or multi-function device that does not have a card reader, print queues can be found on the server: \\printvm02\jononnimi (see image below).



Windows 7

1. Open the Start menu and select Devices and Printers from the side bar on the right-hand side (see image below).


2. Click Add Printer.

3. Click Add a network printer.


4. Click The printer that I want isn´t listed (see image below).


5. Click Next.


6. Select the printer from the list and click OK.


7. Make sure that the printer is added by clicking Next.


8. If you want to use the printer as the default printer, tick (X) the box Set as the default printer (see below), and click Finish.


9. The printer has now been added to the Windows 7 workstation.

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