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Adding an account in Thunderbird: error message

If you are unable to send e-mail with the default settings in Thunderbird and receive the following error message:

Sending of the message failed.The Kerberos/GSSAP ticket was not accepted by the Outgoing server (SMTP) mail.aalto.fiPlease check that you are logged in to the Kerberos/GSSAPI realm

You can rectify the problem by changing authentication for the saved password from the menu bar.

1. Select Edit and Properties.

2. Select first Outgoing Server SMTP and after that your account.

3. After that, click Edit.

4. Verify that in the Authentication method field you have selected Normal password (see image below).

thunderbird_outgoing server settings.jpg

5. Save your selection by pressing OK. Aalto e-mail has now been specified in your Thunderbird

NOTE! Every time you change your Aalto password, you must also update the password in the settings in Thunderbird.


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