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Adding an account in Thunderbird

Microsoft Outlook provides the best user experience when you use Aalto e-mail. However, this application is not available for all operating systems. The options available are to use Outlook’s browser version, Webmail (https://mail.aalto.fi), or Mozilla Thunderbird.

Aalto IT can provide support for using Thunderbird by means of a “Best effort” procedure, but using Thunderbird as the primary e-mail application is not recommended.

Only Mozilla Thunderbird version 3.1.x and later versions are IMAP e-mail applications supported by Aalto IT, when you use Aalto e-mail.

mail.aalto.fi and imap.aalto.fi can be parallel server connections; of these, mail.aalto.fi is the primary connection.

If no accounts have been created in the Mozilla Thunderbird application, setting a new account occurs automatically after the application has been opened. However, an account can be added manually also.

1. Open Thunderbird and select File.

2. Click New.., and then select Existing Account.

3. Type your name and words of your choice in the menu bar. Thunderbird’s installation default suggests creating a gandi.net account, but do not create one. Instead, click on the button Skip this and use my existing email. The suggestion has been deleted from Aalto-Linux.

Thunderbird_creating account.jpg

4. Add your name, e-mail address and password in the fields reserved for them, and press Continue. The application automatically adds your account to Mozilla Thunderbird.

thunderbird_get a new account.jpg

5. After that, select Done. Your ID is now: firstname.lastname ID, but you can change to the actual Aalto ID.

When you create a new account, the installation wizard incorrectly suggests smtp.aalto.fi as the SMTP server. Type the correct SMTP server as mail.aalto.fi, so the mail server also operates outside of Aalto’s domain.

The crypto for incoming mail can be either SSL/TLS or StartTLS, whereby the port can be different. If you select the crypto SSL, remember to set the port as 993. For outgoing mail, the only setting that can be used is StartTLS, so select 587 as the port.

If you are unable to add the account, see the official IMAP instructions below.

IMAP settings for Aalto e-mail

Server for incoming mail:




Server for outgoing mail:





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