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AaltoWiki new theme Aalto Generic Group Theme -instructions

The theme consists of two distinct parts; the theme plugin itself and Confluence News Macro plugin. The News Macro plugin is independent, so it can be used without the theme, but the theme needs the macro plugin to be installed in Confluence.

Theme components

The theme consists of the following components:

  • Theme visuals
  • Space blueprint
  • Page blueprint
  • Macro to set the theme sidepanel custom content


This component modifies the Confluence default look and feel, with;

  • Aalto logo on top left corner
  • Configurable text area on top right corner
  • Customizable header background image
  • Configurable subheading in header
  • Configurable notearea in header
  • Styled sidepanel
  • Configurable heading colors

Configurable actions are performed via "Configure theme" selection in space tools, in the "Look and feel" tab.

Here was some basic info. More detailed and pictured instructions in English are attached to this page in PDF format.

Contact information will be used only in case we need more information about feedback.
Please send only feedback about this instruction. If you have IT-related problems, please send a request to servicedesk@aalto.fi