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Aalto Wiki: creating a new wiki space

Aalto Wiki is a cooperation tool for students and staff members at Aalto University.

Wikis are simple websites where you can, besides reading, add and edit content in workspaces (personal workspace or cooperation workspace). If you distribute rights, you can also work in Wiki with people outside of Aalto University.

Aalto Wiki http://wiki.aalto.fi

Pre-existing groups in Aalto Wiki:

  • aalto_users is all of Aalto University
  • aalto_student is the students (a partial group of aalto_users)
  • aalto_staff is the staff (a partial group of aalto_users)
  • haka_users is users of Finnish universities

You can create your own wiki space in Aalto Wiki, for either personal use or use by a working group. The founder of the wiki space, as the administrator, determines how public and open the space is, and is responsible for any backup copying of the area.

  1. If you create a new wiki space, make sure that at least the aalto_student group has reading rights to the space (enables access to the space for all students at Aalto University)
  2. Create a page for a group and give it a name (such as “basics for hypermystics group 1”)
  3. Click on Restrictions and Edit (down below). Select Choose users and specify the necessary rights (if a person is not found, ask them to log in to the wiki once so they are found in the user directory). Save the page.
  4. All the subpages and appendices of the pages are only displayed to your own group. If you wish, you can also give rights to a teacher or an assistant.

Detailed instructions for creating a new wiki space: https://wiki.aalto.fi/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=7962633

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