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Aalto Version: How to apply an account for an external user

General information regarding an external account

  • An external account is intended for a person who do not have an HAKA-affiliation account.
  • An external account can be applied only by a staff member of Aalto University.
  • An external account in version.aalto.fi does not grant access to any other system maintained by Aalto University, the account is solely for version.aalto.fi.
  • An external user can only see repositories which are set as public, repositories set as internal cannot be viewed by an external account (apart from the internal repositories which the external account has been granted an access).
  • An external account cannot create new repositories.
  • An external account will be closed 12 months after the account has been used to access version.aalto.fi.

How to apply for an external account

1. Go to https://workflow.aalto.fi/version_ext and enter the e-mail address of the external user you want to invite to version.aalto.fi into the E-mail – field. The message typed in to the Optional message – field will also be delivered to the invited user.

2. Click Send to send the invitation.


Picture 1: Fill out the email address field and click Send - button

3. The external user will receive an email informing that someone has requested an account for them on version.aalto.fi.


Picture 2: External user will receive an email with a link to the application

4. The email contains link to a user account application. The user has to fill out the form (Full name & Phone number are required fields).

5. After the application has been filled, the form will be sent to version.aalto.fi – administrators and they will create the account and send a password reset link to the email address the external user has provided in the application form.

6. After the external account has been created, the person who has requested the account for external user, will receive an confirmation email stating that the account has been created.

7. After the account has been created, it can be added to repositories required


Picture 3: Example of the form




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