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Aalto University’s document templates (Word, PowerPoint, Visio)

Aalto University’s official document templates are set to be installed in users’ network profiles, through employees’ Windows workstations. If a Windows workstation is not centrally maintained, a pre-existing installation package can be downloaded from the materialbank (see https://www.aalto.fi/services/templates).

Word and PowerPoint templates

1. Open Word or PowerPoint.

2. Select File and then New.

3. Select Personal (item 1 in the image below), and a new menu view opens.

4. Then click on folder Aalto (item 2 in the image below), and the available Word or PowerPoint templates, equipped with Aalto logos, open on the screen.

Personal_Aalto file.jpg

5. Select the document template that suits your needs, and click it open.

New file_Aalto.jpg

Please note! You can also access Aalto’s document templates when you have already opened a Word document. In such a case, click File and New, and you will directly enter item 2 in the instructions above.


Visio templates

Visio templates are stored in the user’s Documents directory, in a new subdirectory called Microsoft Visio Aalto Templates.


You can open Visio templates directly by clicking on the templates in the Microsoft Visio Aalto Templates folder, or through the Vision application. If necessary, you can also specify that or another directory in Visio as a separate Template directory.

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