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Aalto email and calendar: How to start

Aalto University’s email system for students and staff is linked directly to the Aalto user ID. You need a valid Aalto user ID to be able to use Aalto email. When you activate your Aalto user ID, an Aalto emailbox and calendar will be created for your automatically.

This does not apply to students at Open University who must specifically request an emailbox and calendar.

Activation of the user account An Aalto user account (incl. Aalto email and calendar) can be done through the Password self-service portal (https://password.aalto.fi).

Activating the user ID

  1. Go to https://password.aalto.fi.
  2. Select Login.
  3. Identify yourself for the service with a mobile certificate, a banking ID or an ID card equipped with a chip issued by the Finnish police.
  4. After identification, accept the policy governing the use of Aalto University’s information systems by selecting Yes.
  5. Select a password and type it in the New Password field. Verify the password by writing it again in the Confirm New Password field. After that, click the Change Aalto Password button. Please note! The column on the right includes instructions for generating a good password.
  6. The username you have received and the password you just created serve as a log-in to all the services of Aalto University. You can also verify your email address by using the self-service portal.
  7. You can log out of the service by selecting Logout.

Format of Aalto email addresses

Email addresses at Aalto University are in the format firstname.lastname@aalto.fi or firstname.initial.lastname@aalto.fi

An email address is created, in its basic form, of the first name and last name, separated with a full stop. The address for Matti Virtanen, for example, is matti.virtanen@aalto.fi.

The email address for people with the same name is created by adding the initial of the second name, separated by full stops, to the address. For instance, matti.v.virtanen@aalto.fi. If a person is called by the second name, the initial of the first name is added in such case.

Alternatively, other first names in full can also be used. If there are so many people with exactly the same name that addresses cannot be distinguished this way, either, addresses deviating from the normal rules can be accepted.

For names that have two parts and are written with a hyphen, the hyphen is used in the email address also. Upper-case and lower-case letters are interpreted as the same character. The addresses do not contain Scandinavian or other special letters (ñäåö); these are replaced with characters ‘without any dots’ (ñäåö->naao).

Size of the mailbox

The default size of the emailbox is 5 GB. If you need a bigger mailbox, you can ask for one by sending a message, equipped with your supervisor’s approval, to servicedesk@aalto.fi

The maximum size of an email message, including attachments, is 50 MB.

Visibility of the calendar

By default, everyone at Aalto can see from each other’s calendars the Free/Busy details, i.e., when a user is busy or free, but they cannot see the headings or contents of calendar events. However, users can give other people more rights to their calendar if they so wish; this can be convenient when working with close colleagues, for instance.

Staff members also have automatic visibility in their ‘own team’s’ calendars - here, ‘own team’ means people with the same supervisor. These calendars are visible as a separate category, under the heading ‘Team: Supervisor’s name’. For these calendars also, only the Free/Busy detail is shown by default, nothing else.

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